How did your elected officials score?

NETWORK releases our annual voting record each year to evaluate all members of Congress on how they voted during the previous session of Congress. View our 2015 voting record and see how your elected officials scored.

In 2015, the NETWORK community worked hard to make sure that members of Congress were primed to hear Pope Francis’s message when he addressed them in September. With each vote, we asked Congress to uphold an economy of inclusion that supports Catholic Social Justice. The votes in our 2015 scorecard reflect the most critical moments from the past year where our elected officials did, or didn’t, live up to the challenge.

This is not a partisan scorecard, and this year’s voting record contained many non “party-line” votes. Forty-four members of Congress were successful in voting with us 100% of the time, and 99% of Congress voted with us on at least one issue. We cannot turn our backs on those who received less than a perfect score. See how your elected officials voted and send them a message of gratitude and encouragement – whether they scored a 100% or a 9% – because everyone could use a reminder to be more like Pope Francis.